Lake County is a county that exists in the northwestern section of Montana state. The county seat is Polson and ranks as the largest city in the region. The name Polson comes from a Mission Valley Stockman, whose name was David Polson.

According to a recent report, the county started in 1923 and is one of the last counties formed by Montana. The county also covers a total area of 1,6538 square miles. The county also consists of various landforms and ecosystems which the state protects.

These include rivers, streams, wetlands, and lakes. Thanks to its rich culture and excellent year-round weather conditions, the county is also a popular travel destination.

The county also sits on the south section of the Flathead Basin, which features Northwest Montana and is close to British Columbia. Flat Head Lake makes up for one of the most notable landmarks in the county. The lake is home to a large diversity of fish species and is also a major water supply resource for the region.

Polson has an average population rate of 4,488 people and is the largest city in the region. The Flathead Indian Reservation is also home to three tribes: Kootenai, Upper Pend d’Orielle, and Bitterroot Salish. The initial inhabitants of the land were farmers, which mostly consisted of the Red Indians and American settlers.

While close to half of the county’s regions are forested, agriculture is still important. The region’s main agricultural products include forage, small grains, potatoes, and various vegetable types.

The most popular land uses include pasture and rangeland. However, the state also has various measures to ensure the sustainable use of such resources. The county also has a public security agency named Lake County Sheriff’s department. They serve the role of ensuring all areas in the county and its immediate environs are always safe.

The following are the counties that are closest to Lake County, Montana:

  • Flathead County – north
  • Missoula County – east
  • Sanders County – west

Landmarks in Lake County, Montana

Below is a quick guide on some of the landmarks in the city:

  • Bison range is a natural conversation range in the Flathead Indian Reservation. It started as a conversation facility for the once decreasing populations of American Bison.
  • The Flathead National Forest, which exists in Flathead County, is home to a broad diversity of wildlife.
  • Swan River National Wildlife Refuge is a 720ha refuge in Lake County. It features a Bison range and also serves the purpose of housing various species of birds.
  • Ignatius Mission is a landmark Roman Catholic Mission that started in 1854. The founder of the Church is Pierre Jean De Semet, and it’s a major religious landmark in Montana State.
  • The Kerr Dam, which now goes by Selis Ksanka Qlispe dam, exists in the Flathead River. It started in 1938 and has been serving the environs of the region ever since.
  • The Glacier National Park features over 700 miles of trails, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s also home to rugged mountains, lakes, forests, and more.

Lake County Sheriff Office, Montana

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is located in Polson, Montana. It’s the law enforcement agency responsible for safeguarding the safety of Lake County residents. Its measures involve public policing and managing count jails or inmates.

The Sheriff also serves the role of patrolling unincorporated county regions that are not in the jurisdiction of Municipal police. The county’s role also involves enforcing legal judgments, including tax delinquencies, repossessions, and warrants.

The department also serves as part of the Criminal Justice Department and has the mandate of upholding ethical values in the community. The department realizes the importance of using its power correctly to dispel crime and ensure the count thrives.

Communicating with the department or accessing helpful information such as inmate rosters is also easy. The reason is that the Sheriff’s office is continually reinventing its strategies to offer value to its residents. The department also runs based on funding from taxpayers and has the mandate to ensure these funds go to the correct initiatives.

The details of the Sheriff include:

  • Lake County Sheriff – Donald R Bell
  • Office Location: Lake County Courthouse, 106 4th Ave E Polson, MT 59860
  • Phone Contacts: (406) 883-7279

The Sheriff’s Department also serves a few important roles, which often evolve based on various national policing standards. Below is a list of some these roles the department serves:

  • Providing law enforcement officers for the courts, such as those who will serve as bailiffs.
  • Enforcing court orders and notices for specific purposes.
  • Enforcing warrants of arrest for those in contempt of court.
  • Collecting taxes and payments on behalf of the County government.

Contacting the Department

Below are some of the other details about the department:

  • Name: Lake County Sheriff’s Office
  • Address: 106 4th Avenue East, Polson, Montana, 59860
  • Phone: 406-883-7301
  • Fax: 406-883-0564

Lake County Sheriff’s Department Divisions

You can also get in touch with the department when you need the following types of information:

  • Details of who is in jail: the department lets you access the details of every inmate the process through the booking process. Use either of these links Lake County Inmate Search and the Lake County Warrant Search.
  • Visiting and contacting inmates: you can also get in touch for more information about visitation rules and guidelines. The data is also readily available online for public access.
  • County jail records and mugshots: the Sheriff’s office also lets you access county jail records, including mugshots, sex offender reports, and more.
  • Public safety and criminal activity: you also gain convenient access to aggregated reports to the various criminal reports the department handles.
  • Lake County law enforcement: the department also lists the details of its staff members, including patrol, K9 unit, sheriffs, and more.
  • Sheriff’s office sales: the department also holds periodic sales of any valuable items in its custody and have become redundant.

The entities that help the department to serve its policing role can include the following:

  • National Sheriffs’ Association
  • Montana State
  • Lake County
  • Lake County Child Support Warrants
  • Lake County Inmate Search & Jail Roster
  • Find Inmate Records and Warrants related to Lake County Sheriffs Office.

Lake County Jail, Montana

Lake County Jail is a correctional facility in Montana state and has run since 1994. The jail serves as the main detention center for its jurisdiction and provides various rehabilitative programs.

Common examples include religious services, drug/alcohol prevention groups, cognitive-behavioral groups, and others. The facility has a mental health unit for people with various issues.

You can also get in touch with the facility to access various records. These can include Current Location, Race, Arrest Date, Bookings, Court Type, and various other details. The Lake County Jail and Sheriff also ranks as a medium-security facility in Polson.

The jail also has an inmate capacity of 107 inmates and records 1700 bookings each year. It also runs under the Montana Sheriff and serves various important community policing functions. The Montana Department of Corrections also helps to maintain and operate the facility.

Inmates also have the right to access the right living conditions and an open environment for airing any concerns. All officers also have the mandate of ensuring detainees are free from violence or any form of marginalization.

Below are some of the other details about the prison facility:

  • Type of inmates – Adult.
  • Address: 106 4th Avenue East, Polson, MT, 59860.
  • Phone Contacts: 406-883-7301.

Ways to Access and Contact Inmates

Below are some of the important details you need for accessing inmates at the facility

Inmate Search

You can locate anyone you know on the inmate database for the Lake County Jail. You can direct the phone calls to 406-883-7301 and consult with the officer on duty for more information. You can also use the online inmate search locator function, which is highly convenient. The process requires inmate details such as names, date of birth, and location.

Sending a Mail/Care Package

Inmates can receive letters and packages, but each item is subject to various review procedures. The review of the package or mail helps to ensure that inmates never access any form of contraband. The list of contraband products includes drugs, weapons, mobile phones, and more.

You can also send a lend to an inmate, but it also has to go through a review process. Inmates can also receive books, but these have to originate directly from the seller.

Sending Money

Inmates at the facility will require access to funding for various applications, such as making phone calls or purchasing basic life resources. Once the prisoner gets admission, they will get a commissary account. The account lets you send inmates funding in money orders, cash, or checks.

However, there is a limit to the amount of money you can send to each inmate. If you plan on sending cash, consider shipping the money directly to the facility.

Phone calls

Any calls that go in or out of the facility have to get approval from the prison heads or management. The phone calls also have a time limit, which the facility sets based on the number of inmates who have to make calls. Each phone call is also subject to review to ensure each inmate adheres to prison rules.